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25 reasons to start using Publish0x

If you are currently using Publish0x you have many advantages, although if you are still not clear about what they are, do not worry, I made a list where I try to share the main 25 reasons that I consider interesting to start using this excellent platform.

① Earn money by reading interesting articles

Unlike some online newspapers, in Publish0x you do not have to pay, on the contrary you earn money!

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② Stay abreast about crypto ecosystem

There are a lot of creators of content in Publish0x who are very informed about it, you will have fresh news about crypto.

③ Keep an eye in official projects

In Publish0x some great projects like Banano or CoinGecko are sharing content, so you will have updated news of their projects.

④ Earn money by writing articles

In Publish0x you can also create articles to receive donations from other users, if you need a guide on how to be a creator you can visit this link.

⑤ You save money on hosting and domain

Easiest impossible, in Publish0x you get your domain totally free (publish.com/yourdomain) and storage. What else can you ask for?

⑥ Meet another crypto enthusiasts

It is evident that a platform like Publish0x will host a multitude of bitcoiners, blockchain lovers, investors, developers ... and crypto enthusiasts in general. Make yourself known and meet other people with similar interests.

⑦ Create community in your blog

If you are a blogger, Publish0x is the ideal way to relate to your audience, sometimes many people forget that Publish0x is a social network, it is not just a content management platform.

⑧ Encourage content that you like

Have you ever wanted to make a donation to an article that you loved? Publish0x is your place.

⑨ You get rewards from three different ERC20 tokens

Other platforms pay with a single crypto, Publish0x is cryptoagnostic, now you can make tips with BNTY, HYDRO and DAI.

①⓪ Receive crypto directly in your wallet

In Publish0x you will receive it directly in your Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet.

①① Request your weekly withdrawal (on mondays)

If you manage to collect the minimum of $ 0.50, you can collect your money in your wallet every monday. Dont worry if you do not reach 0.50 it accumulates for the next one

①② You have the possibility to win contests with great prizes

I'm not kidding, I won $ 100 in the Publish0x contest

①③ Increase the visibility of your external blog

If you have a domain of your own, you can try to direct traffic from the readers of your articles to your website.

①④ You have an excellent support from the Publish0x team

You can consult any question in Telegram group, anyone from the team or even other users will answer your questions, we are a great community and we want to help each other.

①⑤ You reach new readers

If you have other social channels you may find in Publish0x potential followers of your social network.

①⑥ You can re-upload your content posted elsewhere

Have you published articles on other websites? If it's your property you can upload it again in Publish0x.

①⑦ Eearn new tokens that will arrive soon

In addition to BNTY, HYDRO and DAI new ERC20 tokens will be added.

①⑧ Read about different topics

Publish0x is not monothematic, although the category "crypto" is very popular, there are other categories where you can find alternatives such as music, art, entertainment, technology ...

①⑨ Meet people from another countries

Publish0x Get on board and enjoy the trip.

②⓪ Discover new artists

Publish0x is full of artists, musicians, photographers ... if you like art you are in the right place.

②① Find another ways to earn money

Many users at Publish0x already know other ways to make money online, I'm sure you'll find sites recommended by other users to earn cryptos.

②② Visualize the impact of your articles live

As an author, you can see at the moment how many visitors they get your articles published in Publish0x.

②③ Create drafts before upload posts

One of the novelties incorporated in Publish0x a few weeks ago is that, as authors, we can create drafts to upload the article later, when it is finished.

②④ Soon you can choose the amount of tips sent

Publish0x users currently make tips with an amount previously established by Publish0x, but soon each user can donate the amount he wants to another user, so we can receive more tips as authors, as well as send more tips as readers.

②⑤ This point is yours, express your opinion in the comments!

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