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Tixl positions itself within the 3rd industrial revolution: the internet of things, reshaping Germany!

Tixl positions itself within the 3rd industrial revolution: the internet of things, reshaping Germany!


What is this third industrial revolution based on?

To understand the fundamental innovations of the third industrial revolution we need to take a look at the first and second industrial revolution, prior to the current shockwave that will change the way we interact fundamentally to its core, giving birth to the third industrial revolution.


The first industrial revolution:
During the 19th century, the Brits invented a new way of communication: steam-powered printing. It replaced manual printing presses and revolutionized their communication resulting in a telegraph communication system. Both technologies converged with a new energy source called coal. They then invented the steam engine, resulting in a steam power railway network.

The second industrial revolution:

During the 20th century, the US invented centralized electricity and the telephone, allowing people to communicate at the speed of light and cross the globe. Radio. Television. These telecommunication technologies converged with a new energy source: oil. Henry Ford made transportation available for people with cars, buses, and trucks. This revolution was global and ended in 2008 with peek oil and 2 months later the collapse of the financial system.

The crisis:

Both industrial revolutions were built upon energy derived from carbon deposits stored over millennia in our earth's crust. We dug up the burial grounds of the Carboniferous era and created a short-lived and violent civilization. Our whole system, from pesticides, construction materials, pharmaceutical products, our synthetic fiber, our power, our transport, our lights..., all are made by or moved by fossil fuels. The efficiency of our societies and manufacturing processes is extremely low at only maximum peak productivity in Germany of 18%, meaning that to create a product, we consume 82% energy, while only 18% of the energy is well used. That energy-waste becomes among others, carbon dioxide, resulting in a dramatic climate change that threatens our very existence on this earth.

Redefining economic laws:

During both the first and the second industrial revolution, productivity growth was only measured by two factors: better machines and better workers, making up for only 14% of our total productivity. Now a third-factor is integrated: aggregate efficiency. With aggregate efficiency counting for 86% of productivity, this new economic theory opens up a new era of improvements in our productivity growth.

The third industrial revolution:

No other than Angela Merkel and Xi Jinping, leaders of the now most robust capitalist market economies in the world decided to start the transformation from their second industrial revolution's platform infrastructure to a third industrial platform infrastructure. This new convergence of communication, energy, and transportation is called the internet of things. With the development of the internet, we have digitalized communication and we are now also developing a digitalized renewable energy internet. Both systems are going to allow for an automated, GPS, and driverless road, rail, water, and air transportation-logistic internet. We are embedding sensors in agriculture, manufacturing, smart homes, vehicles and smart roads and all of them collect data that allows us to manage power as efficiently as possible. By 2030 this system will connect everyone with everything and this distributed nervous centrum will allow us, at low cost, to directly engage with each other, bypassing the middlemen and the vertically integrated organizations. Blockchains, especially decentralized ledger systems, is one example. The challenge is how to properly govern this new platform which is decentralized in nature and breaks with the former centralized platform designs of prior revolutions. This system moves us from the 1% to the 99% as it is designed to be laterally scaled and not vertically integrated.


32% of Germany's electricity production is now solar and wind and by 2040 it will be 100%. The cost of these energy sources is at an exponential curve, meaning that the cost of 1-watt solar was $78 in 1978, now 50 cents and 35 cents in 18 months. It's over for fossil fuel and nuclear. Once you pay the fixed cost for a German solar panel or a wind turbine, the marginal cost is zero: free power. Once German businesses can plug into this energy internet, the cost of their energy is near zero marginal cost, and there's no way in heaven that a country still plugged into a 2nd industrial revolution energy platform can compete with that.


China missed most of the first and second industrial revolutions, but president Xi Jingpin decided that China would be leading the 3rd industrial revolution and they are now digitalizing the Chinese grid so the millions of Chinese people can produce their own solar and wind in their local communities and share it back on their energy internet.


Both 'Digital Europe', and 'China Internet Plus' are two ambitious plans to reform the EU and China into a third industrial revolutionary and fully digitalized economy, creating a wave of new job opportunities for both unskilled and skilled labor and this for two generations, to allow this smart infrastructure to be built.

Tixl aims to become 'sound' money usable within the internet of things revolution:

What is Tixl?

Tixl uses the most sophisticated technologies that emerged from the blockchain world of the past years, to allow it to be used as money within this internet of things infrastructure. As such, it uses a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) as a data structure together with the Stellar Consensus
Protocol (SCP). To ensure that transactions stay private, a quantum secure cryptosystem is implemented to encrypt transaction details.

The communication internet has been around for more than 2 decades, but it took a bit longer for the money internet to be developed. What started with Bitcoin, opened up a wide range of entrepreneurial enthusiasm for cryptocurrency development, resulting in a wide range of digital currencies, all fighting for the same market share, yet unable to succeed at all requirements.

To become successful, Tixl decided to build upon existing technologies to create a digital currency that can be used in an infrastructure where data mining can be a threat to users' privacy and security. In this sharing economy, people's privacy will become one of their most precious assets. People do not want that there is a public digital record of all their financial transactions, for many reasons.

In other words: Tixl focuses on private and instant transactions free of charge. Tixl accomplishes this by utilizing a unique mix of quantum secure cryptography, a state-of-the-art consensus algorithm, and a multi-blockchain data structure in the form of a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).

Why is Tixl currently a buying opportunity?


  1. Tixl is a German fintech start-up and is registered as a non-profit organization in Hamburg, Germany. It can profit considerably from Germany's reputation with regard to its growing interest in the fin-tech sector. Germany is becoming a crypto haven for crypto entrepreneurs: https://www.publish0x.com/newsblock/german-banks-will-adopt-bitcoin-dedollarisation-xlgyow

  2. Tixl is building upon already prooven and functional technologies such as the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), which is used by Nano and NTRU Encryption Algorithm. As such, Tixl will be competing with NANO and similar projects. (https://nano.org/en)

  3. Tixl is being developed by the team that already successfully started the Elbstack blockchain company. (https://tixl.me/team)

  4. Tixl is available for trading on the successful and vastly expanding crypto exchange Binance (https://www.binance.org/en/trade/MTXLT-286_BNB), and will profit from that smart decision, as both projects can grow together.

  5. Tixl has the full support and cooperation of no other than Ivan Liljeqvist, a very well known and popular YouTuber, who has a following of 208,000+ subscribers. Ivan's subscribers are seriously involved in crypto and continuously want to learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, often following his channel daily! He collaborated with Tixl by working on their code and is one of their angel investors.

  6. Tixl doesn't charge you a negative rate on your Tixl wallet balance, compared to German lenders.

  7. Technically, the chart allows investors to look at the upside price opportunity, given token sale phase 3. Smart people can maximize their short time strategy, as phase 3 started the 18th (October 2019). At the moment the token is sharpy undervalued on Binance.

  8. New rounds of QE are started by central banks again. Quantitative Easing (printing money by central banks) destroys people's purchasing power: "By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens." John Maynard Keynes

  9. Tixl is an asset outside of the central banks- or government-controlled markets and offers an alternative for investors during the next recession.

  10. Tixl focuses on private and instant transactions free of charge to integrate itself into the internet of things industrial revolution, which requires a new form of 'sound' money.

Tixl price target update: 300 USD Tixl Price Target explained:


During the current Tixl token sale phase 3, investors can buy tokens for 300USD per token. At the moment Tixl (MTXLT) is sharply undervalued and trading around 100 USD on Binance. This means that there is huge potential for a technical bull run, immediately pushing the value of 1MTXLT upwards to 300USD or 16.42 BNB. For investors with strong hands, this is a 'steal'.

One strategy is to buy MTXLT under 12.5 BNB, dollar cost averaging in. When the price surpasses 15 BNB, you can take a profit or decide to become a longterm investor. To become a longterm investor you might want to see enough progress by the development team, such as regular updates on their achievements.


One of the ways for me to evaluate Tixl is to learn more about NANO and why it is successful so far. NANO (former RAIBLOCKX) profited from the golden era of ICO's, during which most professional teams were able to find the necessary capital to develop their coin or token. NANO reached a healthy $5,000,000,000 market capitalisation during the last bull market. Knowing that the Tixl team only raised 1,250,000 USD so far, there is a lot of room for expansion. (4000x)

One of the key features of Tixl is to become used as 'money', particularly in Germany this would mean a huge breakthrough. We know that Germany embraced Bitcoin and is pioneering with the internet of things. Germany considers Bitcoin a store of value and Tixl would be a good day to day currency.

Keep track of Ivan Liljeqvist's contributions: if he frequently reports on Tixl, that's a strong positive indicator. Ivan produces highly educational content, so he is a good angel investor to rely on. Not only is he an angel investor, but he also contributed to the coding.

Important Links:

Discord: https://discord.gg/GtBPx3G

Website: https://tixl.me

Conclusion and Disclaimer:

With this deeper analysis of the future of our economies, I tried my very best to explain how we are evolving within this third industrial revolution: the internet of things. It is important to take note that our idea of money will fundamentally change, as the old fiat money model no longer applies to the new generations. What will follow is a modernization of the way we transact value and it is within this new financial architecture that Tixl aims to create a strong foothold with its strong digital currency. Tixl's private and instant transactions free of charge will open up the global market for existing companies and users but also create opportunities for the unbanked who were up until now unable to create economic opportunity. This analysis is my personal view and is not financial advice.

Buy TIXL (MTXLT): https://tixl.me/?referralId=3!3LmRPPL

PS** I was asked to post this post here, so I have the permition to do that.

Source: https://www.publish0x.com/cryptoanalyzer/tixl-positions-itself-within-3rd-industrial-revolution-inter-xevnql

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