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What is Authoreon?

People will realize that cryptocurrency is not a "bubble".


Why The crypto world is Important ?

Keynesian fear-mongering regarding "evil deflation" will be proven wrong as the truism that people must spend money to live, even deflationary money, becomes obvious.
Traditional banks will begin to crumble, much like J.C. Penny and Sears under the threat of Amazon. To survive, they will rely on customers who are late-adopters and laggards, among the very last to abandon the fiat system.
Crypto-banks will begin to dominate. They will be global rather than national. Most people will trust their private keys to these banks, realizing that there is no perfectly secure way to store them. Convenience and "good enough" security will be the dominant paradigm.
A small minority of die-hard users will continue to insist on storing their own private keys and signing their own transactions, much like a few people today insist on compiling their own Linux kernel or building their own PC.
Crypto-banks will be thought of as just that - banks, not "exchanges." The fact that they provide currency exchange services will thought of as an obvious and necessary feature of any banking system.
There will be no government-backed "FDIC" for crypto-banks. However, banks will compete on security, among other features, giving rise to private insurance that protects deposits.
Banks will provide traditional savings-and-loan services, denominated in cryptocurrency.
Banks may automatically store your holdings as a basket of currencies and robo-trade on your behalf based on pre-set criteria. A deposit of 1 WhateverCoin may automatically turn into a deposit of the appropriate quantities of coins A, B, and C.
People will realize that fiat currency is simply cryptocurrency running on a single node where one miner can arbitrarily issue new coins. The largest transfer of wealth in history will occur in slow motion, as the value of fiat currencies drop to zero.
Unable to inflate their currency at will, governments will be forced to rein in spending. This may produce chaotic results including riots, coups, protests, political upheaval, and even the redrawing of national borders.

What is Authoreon?

Authoreon is protecting Authenticity & Trust.
Authoreon was founded in April 2017 with the goal of decentralizing Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification for consumers, corporations, governments & organizations.
Through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Authoreon raised $1.5m to cover the development costs. The AUN token is publicly traded on several exchanges.

With cyber-attacks, password breaches, identity theft and document fraud on the rise, it becomes obvious that the current online safety measures are not enough.
In addition, we face increased national security concerns - often in conflict with privacy & data protection regulations - as well as major challenges in IoT security, copyright & intellectual property protection, and reputation management.
Furthermore, increased quality awareness calls for traceable product identity and history in the supply and ownership chain.
The failure to secure data, to verify identity and to grant access only to authorized instances is causing billions of dollars in damage each year
, while the most valuable asset at risk is trust.

Authoreon is solving these problems by decentralizing authorization, authentication, verification, and certification.
Eliminating central control over authorization and authentication allows users to be in charge of their identity and personal data without reliance on a third-party gatekeeper.
Implementing decentralization as the fundamental element of authentication reduces the risk of fraud and abuse significantly, while at the same time increasing security and privacy.
Although there are many ways to increase authentication mechanisms, we're introducing our holistic framework approach that addresses several problems to achieve a network effect and foster early mass adoption.
I like projects where the creative team works And there is no doubt that the creative team is at Authoreon.
There are many other positive and interesting things in the project, Let's go further on the Authoreon Project.
And then, together we will watch how this project has been developing.

Authoreons’ core development is the A-ID, the world’s first machine-readable optical label on the blockchain, that enables you to verify, authorize, authenticate or certify any identity or asset.

There are several people who have not yet realized the importance of crypto-currency for the global financial market. However, a party has already realized or is realizing.
Crypto-coins represent a true revolution in the process of buying and selling products and/or services nowadays. With just a few clicks and reduced costs, you can get goods from distant countries, with reduced costs. And best of all, without all the bureaucracy that existed before.

How Authoreon Work?

By using blockchain technology that has been certified, Authoreon is an innovative application service with the aim of building a strong ecosystem and providing benefits to stakeholders. Authoreon is an Application service that aims to build a strong ecosystem for users who are members of the Authoreon ecosystem, through native AUN tokens. Because AUN tokens have a function to ensure participants get stronger incentives and provide lower user acquisition costs through a network system. And as a service provider, Authoreon aims to build trust in users through controls based on official products that have proven authenticity. Where through this method, is expected to provide an ideal solution for business people who need proof of the authenticity of a product that will be bought later. Because Authoreon has conducted research on the needs of users to get genuine products, which are worth half a trillion dollars a year. This proves, that the needs of the community about an original product are very high. And through the Authoreon Platform, retailers can sell their original products to consumers and can give users the freedom to obtain valuable data, through the entire supply chain and ownership of each user engine. By using personal A-ID technology, Authoreon gives every user the freedom to use the Platform, so that users can have selective access, and gives you complete control, which aims to avoid counterfeiting of money, fake passports, and fake identity cards. Personal A-IDs are developed to manage the identity interests of each user, which can be stored in a safe place so that through this personal A-ID, users do not need to waste their time to be able to solve problems that deal with this personal identity.

This is not surprising, because due to the decentralization of the cryptocurrency, it has become a very competitive differential for many companies, especially those that operate all over the world, but we need to keep an eye, end follow good projects.

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Proof Of Ownership: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2597746

ETH address: 0x35C6A7e6Fb58017A6d90e16aC6620ce3E849A08b

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