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When is time to move on ?

As a musician I've learned to listen to all kind of music, some I like and some I don't like it, Some people now that I play guitar and really like heavy metal, but for today let's get something more smoothly.
Let's listen to this awesome music, and I will leave a advice after it:

Grayson Erhard - Time to Move On (Acoustic) [ft. Morning Bear & Andrea Pares]

This great video was recorded in more than 100 different locations.

**This, i feel, is the best advice.

Before deciding that you need to leave your partner, take a hard look in the mirror and think about what YOU have done to fix the relationship's problems.

Every relationship will eventually come across some kind of conflict or rough patch. EVERY RELATIONSHIP. No exceptions. If you jump ship just because everything isn't perfectly effortless anymore, you will spend your life alone never finding satisfaction or trust in any of your relationships.

So you need to give your relationships an honest try.

After you feel you have done what you can, and it's still not working: then it is most certainly the time to leave. And at that point, you can come away with the satisfaction in knowing that you tried your best, and it isn't your fault. There is a healthy catharsis that comes from that, which can greatly help the recovery process.**

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